West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH)

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West African Institute of Public Health (WAIPH) was founded as a nonstate regional health development organisation (RHDO) to improve public health education, practice and programme implementation through high-impact research, training, mentoring and practice. It also works to increase general health literacy and critical return on investment in the sector through strengthened health systems, especially with the fragile systems in the sub-region. The Institute is therefore innovation-driven, working in the field of public health to support governments and partners such as the West African Health Organisation (WAHO), to create dynamic, equitable, integrated, decentralized and participatory health systems within a just and empowered society in the spirit of Universal Access to Health.

WAIPH works with governments to make caring for newborns including preterm and low birth weight babies a significant priority, building the capacity of systems and health care workforce around ensuring that the importance and practicalities of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin care are heeded and seen as a significant life-saving priority.


Please visit www.publichealth-edu.org