A PATH Update: Shaping the Market for Neonatal Resuscitation Equipment

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PATH has more than three decades of experience working with partners around the globe to develop and introduce innovative interventions into a wide range of markets. When new interventions (i.e., new technologies, products, and systems) are moving through the typical value chain from research to scale, distinct sets of activities at each phase must be properly performed and bottlenecks have to be identified and addressed in a timely manner. This report describes how PATH, in collaboration with partners, undertakes distinct activities at each phase in order to shape the global market and accelerate introduction and scale-up of basic neonatal resuscitation equipment (reusable bag and mask newborn resuscitator, reusable manual bulb suction device and resuscitation training mannequin) for developing countries (Appendix 1), as well as some potential risks and mitigation plans going forward.

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