An Assessment of the Status of Kangaroo Mother Care in the Dominican Republic

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This report details the status of implementation of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) in the Dominican Republic (DR) along with key bottlenecks and challenges in KMC implementation and proposed solutions.

The objectives of this assessment were to:

  • Assess the status of implementation and scale-up of KMC in the Dominican Republic
  • Assess for gaps and bottlenecks in implementation of KMC at the health system and facility levels
  • Propose recommendations for sustaining and further expanding the implementation of KMC in the Dominican Republic

This report highlights key bottlenecks impeding adequate provision of KMC in the DR as well as recommended next steps. Through sustainably addressing these issues and growing KMC services, the Dominican Republic can demonstrate its commitment to saving newborn lives and investing in the future of its people. This will require commitment and advocacy from the MOH, National Health Service, the Dominican Republic Neonatal Alliance, policy makers, nursing and medical institutions, and partners to ensure this change.

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