Breastfeeding and Motherhood in Mexico: Executive Summary

Save the Children has launched a global campaign since 2009, EVERY ONE, which seeks to eradicate prevent- able maternal and infant mortality by 2015, involving government actors from the private sector and civil society.

To achieve those two goals, it is essential to consider the important role of breastfeeding on a child’s survival and the development of boys and girls.This is why Save the Children in Mexico has developed a report that provides important information on the importance of breastfeeding for a child’s survival and the feasible solutions to promote it.

Strong leadership and political will translates into action to combat maternal and infant mortality.

Breastfeeding and Infant Survival in Mexico

Only 37% of girls and boys in the world are exclusively breastfed during the first six months of life and 43% are breastfed during the first hour of life. In Mexico, this percentage is much lower, only 14.4% of newborns to six month olds receive breast milk exclusively and if we analyze the more rural parts of the country, this figure drops drastically.

There are several barriers that are impeding the adequate promotion of breastfeeding: the lack of informa- tion to women about the benefits, excessive increase in consumption of substitutes (formula milk) and an increase in unnecessary C-sections, as well as the lack of access to quality health services. In addition, poor nutrition and food insecurity in the country is affecting 1.5 million girls and boys under the age of five. This is why breastfeeding should be an important issue, as a low cost food that helps to improve the conditions of a child’s survival and achieve maximum development.


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