Capability Statement, ABH Services Plc

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ABH Services Plc is a legally registered company in Ethiopia to provide technical and logistic
services for short term trainings, consultancy works, operational researches, and project & program
implementations. ABH grew out of the capacity building fields of clinical training, education,
research and development. Our core staff worked as independent consultants and trainers and
together in a consortium of trainers and educators in the three old medical schools at both clinical
and public health departments, federal ministry of health, regional health bureaus and in many other
local and international NGOs. In addition, they have served as key resource persons in design and
roll out of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment programs under the HIV/AIDS prevention
and control office (HAPCO) at national and regional level.

ABH staffs maintain close ties with governmental and nongovernmental organizations, teaching and
research institutions and such combination of extensive training experience with substantial
expertise in training services making it one of our core strengths. This enables us to offer a wide
range of services to suit a diverse set of clients working on national health priorities.

What are our aims?
ABH is committed to using the existing bona fide efforts to salvage the people of Ethiopia from the
calamity of a number of diseases. To that end ABH is prepared to provide technical, logistic and
programmatic support to the Ministry of Health and Regional Health Bureaus by working closely
with international and national governmental and non governmental organizations.

  •   Contribute in using the existing local knowledge and skill through competency based
    trainings for capacity development
  •   Develop a locally appropriate and innovative ways of implementing prevention, care and
    treatment services
  •   Advocates for the use of contracting out services for private providers to develop a mutually
    beneficial approach of providing services such as referrals, trainings, and actual health


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