Dakshata: A Strategic Intervention to Improve Quality of Care During and Around Childbirth

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The Government of India (GoI) in 2015 launched ‘Dakshata’, meaning adroitness, across the country. The initiative aimed at strengthening the quality of care (QoC) during and immediately after the childbirth through focused and customized trainings for strategic skill-building of the providers on high-impact essential practices. The strategy transferred the learnings through structured onsite mentoring and support, while ensuring the availability of resources, and improved monitoring and accountability by strengthening data systems, and by conducting periodic performance audits.

The foundation of this strategic initiative originated from the learnings of the World Health Organization’s Safe Childbirth Checklist (SCC). The implementation partners to the GoI: Jhpiego and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), documented their learnings backed by evidence, in the form of factsheets for countries, governments, and civil societies to emulate in their respective regions and programs. These factsheets are broken down into four parts based on their focus areas for improved maternal and newborn healthcare.

  1. Focused and customized training
  2. Resource availability
  3. Strategy for transfer of learning
  4. Improved monitoring and accountability

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