The Effect of Suboptimal Breastfeeding on Preschool Overweight/Obesity: A Model in PROFILES for Country-Level Advocacy

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In 2016, USAID’s FANTA project updated the PROFILES tool to include a model that estimates the effect of suboptimal breastfeeding practices, where infants are not exclusively breastfed for the recommended 6 months, on overweight/obesity among preschool children. Estimates calculated by this model refer to the number of children 48–59 months of age that are likely to become overweight/obese if exclusive breastfeeding practices do not improve, and the number of benefits for children 48–59 months that will be prevented from becoming overweight/obese if exclusive breastfeeding practices improve. This brief explains why the model was developed, how estimates are calculated, and how the estimates are used for nutrition advocacy.

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