Every Newborn Webinar: Update for Regional and Country Partners

1. Overview of ENAP and Country Implementation

The partnerships forged during the development process for ENAP will work together on three main streams of activities:

  • Country implementation: to identify and respond to technical support needs to ensure that the proposed strategies and evidence are translated into action.
  • Data and metrics: to improve and institutionalize metrics to track coverage and impact based on the goals and targets of the ENAP and the five strategic objectives.
  • Advocacy: to strengthen and track maternal and newborn health advocacy efforts globally and in countries.

2. Country Tracking Tool & Progress

Purpose: design a tool to support countries in tracking implementation and progress towards achieving the national ENAP milestones


  • To support countries to assess the status of progress and identify barriers to implementation in line with the ENAP milestones
  • To support countries to collect information to define potential solutions and identify the type of technical assistance available or needed on a continuous basis
  • To provide information to country, regional, and global partners in order to facilitate country technical support as needed

3. Mapping of Technical Support to Maternal and Newborn Care

Purpose: The overall objective is to set up a repository of the technical assistance currently available for maternal and newborn care.


  • Conduct a global review to identify the implementing partners and donors currently providing technical support to maternal and newborn care.
  • Develop a database which lists the organizations providing technical support and the activities and initiatives that they are involved in, per country.
  • Compile a list of consultants for future technical support to countries.

4. Moving forward

  • Development of guidelines Every Mother Every Newborn
  • ENAP Progress report and a report to the World Health Assembly + launch event
  • Positioning ENAP and EPMM in Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health. Advocacy representatives within the Country Implementation work
  • Multi-country activities – Asia HBC, Eastern Mediterranean meetings

5. Questions and Discussion

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