Every Preemie: Family-Led Care for the Small Newborn Global Package

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The Family-Led Care model was developed by the Every Preemie—SCALE project to empower families to care for their preterm and low birthweight newborns while practicing Kangaroo Mother Care in the health facility and at home after discharge. The model was originally developed, implemented, and assessed in Balaka District, Malawi – more information on Malawi implementation is available here, and a short video on the model can be viewed here.

This global package standardizes content for Family-Led Care training, provides an easy-to-use format for trainers in Sub-Saharan Africa and other low-resource settings, and incorporates lessons learned from the implementation experience in Malawi. It has been updated for a global audience and can be adapted for use in local contexts. The full package is available at: https://www.everypreemie.org/family-led-care-global/.

The Family-Led Care Package includes the below components:

Materials for a 2 day training in Family-Led Care for providers:

Materials for families:

Materials for documentation of facility care:

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