Family Participation in the Care of the Inpatient Newborn

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A global focus to ensure that newborns not only survive but thrive into adulthood has led to an increased appreciation for the value of family participation in inpatient care. Building reciprocal partnerships between families and providers is fast becoming a standard for healthcare planning and delivery across the lifecycle. The core principles of family-centered care are: 1) dignity and respect; 2) information sharing; 3) participation; and 4) collaboration.2 While there are many models of family participation for the inpatient newborn (see note on terminology below), all share a common view that the baby, the parents/primary caregivers, and healthcare providers are a unit of care. Integrating parents as caregivers during the inpatient period can enhance the newborn’s short- and long-term wellbeing. Moreover, providing emotional, educational and practical support to families of newborns is an important responsibility of providers and health systems, requiring training and resources

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