Global Perinatal Health: Accelerating Progress Through Innovations, Interactions, and Interconnections

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The December 2010 issue of Seminars in Perinatology examines global perinatal health, a timely topic in light of the unprecedented, high-level attention that has been given this past year to maternal, newborn, and child health. 

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3.6 Million Neonatal Deaths—What Is Progressing and What Is Not? Joy E. Lawn, Kate Kerber, Christabel Enweronu-Laryea, and Simon Cousens

Additional articles in this issue:

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Stillbirths: Epidemiology, Evidence, and Priorities for Action. Mohammad Yawar Yakoob, Joy E. Lawn, Gary L. Darmstadt, and Zul?qar A. Bhutta

Reducing Intrapartum-Related Neonatal Deaths in Low- and Middle-Income Countries—What Works?Stephen N. Wall, Anne CC Lee, Waldemar Carlo, Robert Goldenberg, Susan Niermeyer, Gary L. Darmstadt, William Keenan, Zul?qar A. Bhutta, Jeffrey Perlman, and Joy E. Lawn

Preventing Preterm Birth and Neonatal Mortality: Exploring the Epidemiology, Causes, and Interventions. LaVone E. Simmons, Craig E. Rubens, Gary L. Darmstadt, and Michael G. Gravett 

Neonatal Infections in the Developing World. Hammad A. Ganatra and Anita K.M. Zaidi 

Neonatal Hypothermia in Low-Resource Settings. Luke C. Mullany

Linkages Among Reproductive Health, Maternal Health, and Perinatal Outcomes. Zul?qar A. Bhutta, Zohra S. Lassi, Ann Blanc, and France Donnay

Behavior Change for Newborn Survival in Resource-Poor Community Settings: Bridging the Gap Between Evidence and Impact. Vishwajeet Kumar, Aarti Kumar, and Gary L. Darmstadt 

Community-Based Intervention Packages for Improving Perinatal Health in Developing Countries: A Review of the Evidence. Jessica Schiffman, Gary L. Darmstadt, Siddharth Agarwal, and Abdullah H. Baqui 

Why Is Continuum of Care from Home to Health Facilities Essential to Improve Perinatal Survival?Rajiv Bahl, Shamim Qazi, Gary L. Darmstadt, and Jose Martines

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