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Global Surveillance for COVID-19 disease caused by human infection with novel coronavirus (COVID-19) – Interim guidance

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This document summarizes WHO’s revised guidance for global surveillance of COVID-19 disease caused by infection with novel coronavirus (COVID-19). WHO will continue to update this guidance as new information about COVID-19 becomes available.
Updated information about COVID-19 can be found here along with other guidance documents.

Purpose of this document

This document provides guidance to Member States on implementation of global surveillance of COVID-19.

Objectives of the surveillance

The objectives of this global surveillance are:

1. Monitor trends of the disease where human-to-human transmission occurs
2. Rapidly detect new cases in countries where the virus is not circulating
3. Provide epidemiological information to conduct risk assessments at the national, regional and global level
4. Provide epidemiological information to guide preparedness and response measures

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