Group B Strep (GBS) Resources

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Many types of prenatal infection can be prevented with healthy pregnancy behaviors. Use the word “HYGIENE” to help you make these behaviors routine! Check out the Prenatal Infection Prevention Handout and its companion handout below.

The “Now that you have tested positive for GBS” handout is designed for health care providers to give their patients after their GBS test results are returned. They are also available to order here, free of charge.

The “Even if you have tested negative for GBS” handout is great for health care providers to share with their patients after receiving patient GBS test results. Also available to order for free here.

Group B Strep International’s brochure “Help Protect Your Baby from Group B Strep (GBS)” is in a checklist format to help pregnant women and new parents protect their baby from GBS throughout pregnancy, birth, and early infancy. Great for information and reference!


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