Guide for Implementation of Helping Babies Breathe (HBB)

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Note: The American Academy of Pediatrics launched a second edition of Helping Babies Breathe in April, 2017, featuring a number of important updates and improvements.  It includes scientific updates that harmonize with 2015 ILCOR Consensus on Science with Treatment Recommendations, and 2012 WHO Guidelines on Basic Newborn Resuscitation.

The Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) Implementation Guide is a tool for advancing sustainable national programs for newborn and maternal health.  For maximum impact, HBB should be integrated into existing newborn or maternal health training, but it can be implemented as a stand-alone program, depending on national priorities.

Specific sections of the guide will be of interest to different individuals. For example:

  • Policymakers and planners will find information for improving their existing training and services in Section II.
  • Program managers, master trainers, and facilitators will want to use Section III to help plan, implement, and monitor HBB programs.
  • Everyone will benefit from the suggestions in Sections IV and V.

For your convenience, the HBB Implementation Guide is downloadable as an entire manual, OR as individual Sections or Tools.  Please utilize the information within however it best suits your needs – and do feel free to share it with others who are implementing maternal and child health programs.

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