Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies Hub (IYCFEHub)

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The IYCFEHub is a comprehensive, online global portal of the most relevant resources related to infant and young child nutrition in emergencies and humanitarian contexts. IYCFEHub is for health and nutrition frontline workers, technical officers, programme managers, specialists, academics and any other professional interested in accessing globally endorsed and trusted resources, guidance, protocols, evidence, educational materials, and tools. The IYCFEHub also promotes relevant events and webinars throughout the year.

The IYCFEHub is the result of a collaborative effort of Save the Children, the IFE Core Group, the Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN), ACF US, PATH and SafelyFed Canada. The platform was developed by Save the Children and is managed through a collaboration between Save the Children and the IFE Core Group.

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