Infection Prevention and Control at NICU

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Small and sick newborns admitted in hospitals are at a greater risk of acquiring infections while they are hospitalised. While Infection Prevention and Control trainings are generic, specific orientation is required for service providers working at neonatal intensive care units. This slide deck prepared by UNICEF (2018) provides an overview of infection prevention and control for hospitalized newborns. It outlines strategies to reduce healthcare associated infections for all newborns and for newborns requiring special care. We recommend that this slide deck is adapted based on national contexts with country-specific data added for relevance. It should serve as a useful resource for training all health care workers that provide facility based, in-patient care of neonates. A list of references provides further details for interested readers.

Suggested citation: Gaurav Sharma, Nabila Zaka and Tedbabe Hailegebriel; Infection Prevention Control at Neonatal Intensive Care Units; UNICEF, New York (2018).

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