Innovative Pathways to Build Providers’ Skills in Humanitarian Settings

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Save the Children supports reproductive health services in humanitarian settings by training and mentoring frontline health providers, providing commodities and supplies, strengthening supply chains and supporting communities to mobilize to increase awareness and use of reproductive health services. Our reproductive health programs increase access to basic health services for the most vulnerable in the hardest to reach areas. Through long-standing partnerships with ministries of health and organizational capacity in over 100 countries, we can deploy quickly and build capacity long-term to meet needs and deliver family planning and postabortion care services in any setting. A significant component of Save the Children’s Reproductive Health in Emergencies Initiative is to build the capacity of clinical staff to deliver quality family planning (FP) and postabortion care (PAC) services. Capacity building, a long and complex process, involves increasing knowledge, building skills, and applying that knowledge and skills to deliver quality services and counseling. To ensure our capacity building efforts address the individual needs of providers, Save the Children developed an approach that creates individualized training paths for service providers. Our programs provide strong evidence that health providers can successfully build clinical skills in humanitarian settings. Between 2011 and June 2018, we have trained nearly 500 providers in 10 countries who have provided services to 321,645 new family planning clients and managed 28,622 PAC cases.

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