Intensive care: Encouraging the use of mother’s own milk as first feed for preterm and very low birth weight neonate admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit

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Benefits of mother’s only milk (MOM) for preterm infants are numerous. We realized that usage of MOM in our unit is less and often delayed for days. The proportion of MOM usage as the first feed after birth of total feed, was only 19%. In view of this existing evidence and identified problem, we decided to start quality improvement (QI) initiative in our unit with the primary objective “To encourage the use of MOM as first feed in preterm (PT) and very low birth weight (VLBW) neonate from existing 19% to >50% over a period of 3 month.”

Materials and Methods

This QI study involved the systematic implementation of evidence-based practices using Point of Care QI methodology developed by the WHO-SEARO.


After several Plan, Do, Study, Act, during the intervention phase, usage of MOM increases from baseline 19% to 91.3%. Postintervention, sustained usage of MOM after 6 months is at close to 80%.


Effective implementation of comprehensive communication bundles (CCB) is feasible in resource-constraint setting and resulted in sustained increase in the usage of MOM in PT and VLBW neonates.

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