Introducing and sustaining EENC in hospitals: kangaroo mother care for pre-term and low-birthweight infants

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We offer five teaching modules of Early Essential Newborn Care, or EENC, starting with the Early Essential Newborn Care Clinical Practice Pocket Guide. Countries have already shown that reductions in newborn deaths, infections and intensive care unit admissions are possible in facilities employing EENC.

This volume, Introducing and sustaining EENC in hospitals: Kangaroo Mother Care for preterm and low-birthweight infants, is the fourth module to guide and accelerate EENC health provider practices in facilities across the Region.

These modules are critical components of the regional plan of sustained action and strong policies utilizing proven methods for saving money and lives. Governments, health-care facilities and families are already saving precious resources, making health systems more accountable and quality care more attainable.

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