How to Take the Kangaroo Mother Care Challenge

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This brief details how to take the Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) challenge and provides more information about the intervention.

What is Kangaroo mother care?

Kangaroo mother care – or KMC – is an effective way to help meet a premature baby’s basic needs for warmth, nutrition, stimulation, and protection from infection. Parents of low birthweight (<2500g) or preterm babies (born before 37 weeks gestation) are encouraged to use KMC which involves continuous skin-to-skin contact with the baby for at least 20 hours every day and exclusive breastfeeding.

Why is the KMC challenge important?

Only a very small proportion of newborns who could benefit from KMC receive it. Despite its potential to save thousands of babies every year, KMC has not had widespread scale-up in either high-income or low-income settings. We must raise awareness about the importance of this intervention. We also want to demonstrate the physical reality a woman experiences when she provides KMC to her baby or babies. KMC may be low-cost and low-tech compared to an incubator, but there are still associated costs to the mother, family and healthy system which should be recognized.

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