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The education kit is separated into three main parts: State-Of-The-Art This document contains the scientific evidence within the global framework of the benefits, scope and limitations of the components of the Kangaroo Mother Care Method among which are: i) the kangaroo position ii) kangaroo nutrition based on breastfeeding, and iii) early discharge and outpatient follow up. This section also puts forth the psychosocial aspects as well as the acceptance and resistance of not only parents but also of the healthcare personnel related to carrying out the Kangaroo Mother Care Method at any hospital institution in particular. The State-of-the-Art section also offers an updated bibliographic review on the theoretical and practical development of this important methodology. Kangaroo Mother Care Method This manual summarizes the concepts and practices of each one of the Kangaroo Mother Care Method components. The manual details the different aspects involved in premature infant care from the beginning of his/her adaptation to extra uterine life in the Intensive Care Unit to high-risk outpatient follow up during the infant’s first year of life. The manual also offers the information required to achieve the optimal administrative management of the implementation process for the Kangaroo Mother Care Program at a level III hospital. Trainer’s manual This is a guide for the health professional trainer, responsible for the planning and execution of a training program, for a multidisciplinary team that has a basic knowledge on neonatal and maternal care and who are, or might be, in charge of premature or low-birth weight infant, within the context of a Kangaroo Mother Program under intra-hospital care and the outpatient follow up.

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