Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings Field Guide

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This guidance was updated in 2022, the current version can be found here.

The Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings: Field Guide (NBFG) was published in 2018 to complement and serve as a companion to the Minimum Initial Services Package (MISP) and the Inter-agency Field Manual for Reproductive Health in Crisis Situations (IAFM), providing information related specifically to newborn care during the neonatal period (days 0-28 of life). In 2022, The Inter-agency Working Group on Reproductive Health in Crises (IAWG) launched a website for the Newborn Health in Humanitarian Settings Field Guide.* Both the print and web version of the NBFG include capacity building tools, M&E resources, indicators, guidance on supplies and commodities, information on situation assessments, and a comprehensive list of helpful resources.

During the website development, IAWG consulted with a steering committee of maternal and newborn health experts with experience working in humanitarian and fragile settings, on the design, functionality, and feasibility of the website. The content of the NBFG website underwent a light technical update from the 2018 version to ensure inclusion of the most recent evidence available, like the updated WHO recommendations on maternal and newborn care for a positive postnatal experience. The final product is meant to be an easy-to-use resource in any setting, accessible from all devices, and available with limited internet connectivity. Learn more about the NBFG and the development of the NBFG website.

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