Postnatal Care, with a Focus on Home Visitation

Cover of document on Postnatal Home Visitation called Postnatal Care, with a Focus on Home Visitation: A Design Decision-Aid For Policymakers And Program Managers

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A Design Decision-Aid For Policymakers and Program Managers

This document provides practical guidance on how to design an optimal mix of service delivery approaches for the postnatal period that are responsive to the conditions of the setting, understands the needs of mothers and newborns, and can be feasibly implemented effectively at scale. The guidance offers key considerations when designing a postnatal care (PNC) strategy, informed by lessons drawn from public-sector experience attempting to implement postnatal home visitation (PNHV) programs at scale. Postnatal home visitation is understood as an approach for providing specific services or interventions rather than as a simple “evidence-based” intervention.

Included in the guidance is a review of Home Visitation Trials & Quasi-Experimental Studies and the Multi-Country Program Review of PNHVs in USAID’s Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) and Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives (SNL) Program countries to understand how to achieve better outcomes through such programs implemented in real-life contexts.

The current document is intended to pull together practical insights from such evidence and experience, and to support ministries of health and their partners who are developing programs and services that aim to improve health outcomes in the postnatal period, for newborns and their mothers

A webinar about this guide will be held at the MCSP office and the recording and presentation will be shared here.

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