Projahnmo: Generations to Come – Short version

Projahnmo: Generations to Come is a short film about the groundbreaking research study in Bangladesh that reduced newborn deaths by one-third through home-based newborn care. An article on the study received the 2008 Lancet Paper of the Year Award.

The study offered evidence that was used to support the WHO/UNICEF recommendation for home-based newborn care as outlined in the 2009 WHO/UNICEF Joint Statement, “Home Visits for the Newborn Child: A Strategy to Improve Survival.”

Through footage and interviews with female community health workers, families, and researchers, the Projahnmo film makes the case for an affordable and effective approach to saving newborn lives in countries with high neonatal mortality rates. If the community-based approach demonstrated by Projahnamo were adapted and scaled up in similar settings, one million newborn lives could be saved.
Save the Children’s Saving Newborn Lives program and USAID co-funded the Projahnmo study, which the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, ICDDR,B and the Bangladeshi NGO Shimantik implemented in the northeastern district of Sylhet in Bangladesh.

A 20-minute version of this video is available. Click here to view the full version.

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