Promoting Kangaroo Mother Care in Selected Hospitals of Nepal through the Training and Provision of a Baby Wrap

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In 2014, the Nepal Ministry of Health (MoH) Family Health Director requested a study to field test the new CarePlus wrap in Nepal before incorporating the package into national policy. In response, Jhpiego, in partnership with MoH National Health Training Center (NHTC), conducted a study to improve the uptake and continuation of KMC by: a) providing simplified training for both health workers and clients and b) offering new mothers the choice between a traditional wrap for carrying the baby and CarePlus. The study also aimed to understand the opinions and experiences of health workers and mothers of preterm/LBW babies in using both wraps. Financial support was provided by Asmund S. Laerdal Foundation for Acute Medicine, Inc and technical support was provided by Laerdal Global Health. Results of the study will contribute to understanding the challenges in KMC practice at facility and community levels and help Nepal advance its efforts to decrease neonatal mortality due to LBW.

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