Results from CHX Survey, India

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Study Overview: The following data were collected from interviews conducted by Synovate India from
August to September 2011. The Synovate team led small?group discussions and in?depth interviews with
over 125 respondents including mothers, mothers?in?law (MILs), ANMs, nurses, ASHAs, dais, retailers,
wholesalers, and distributors of baby products across six regions of Uttar Pradesh (mapped and
tabulated in Appendix A). This exploratory work was intended to give a sense of existing cord care
practices across the state, as part of a larger effort to understand the potential of chlorhexidine for
umbilical cord care in the region. The Synovate team recorded, transcribed and translated each
conversation. Photos of several respondents are in Appendix B. Grace Liu then synthesized several
hundred pages of transcripts into summary tables in Appendix C and D. A glossary of products can be
found in Appendix E. Finally several incumbent products are pictured in Appendix F.


Please see attached document for full study.

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