Safe Delivery App

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Empowering skilled birth attendants to provide a safer birth for mothers and newborns, everywhere.

The Safe Delivery App is a professional job aid and a digital training and learning tool for midwives and other healthcare workers.

It’s a free application for smartphones and tablets. Once downloaded, it can also be used offline, so healthcare workers in even the most remote settings can always refer to it.

The app is developed together with healthcare workers and designed in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Southern Denmark.

It covers the most common pregnancy and childbirth related complications. Features include simple animated instruction-videos, quizzes, descriptions of practical procedures, and drug lists. Healthcare workers can always refer to these – either on the job, in their spare time or as part of their training

The app’s My Learning platform allows users to practice and test their knowledge interactively and at their own time and pace. At the same time, the user can achieve a formal certification and become Safe Delivery Champion through the App.

The Safe Delivery App is free for download at Apple App Store and Google Play. It is available in numerous languages and versions. Learn more on


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