Saving Newborn Lives Champions Toolkit

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Save the Children has a long and successful history of collaborating with newborn health champions to advocate for robust policies and programs to reduce global neonatal mortality. We have worked with pediatricians, midwives, members of parliament, ministers of health, journalists, celebrities, and many other champions to advocate for the availability of and access to routine and emergency newborn care services and supplies, improve the quality of newborn care services, and increase knowledge about and demand for newborn care, all in the interest of giving newborns the greatest chance to begin their lives healthy and strong.

This Champions Toolkit stems from this history, helping to systematize efforts within program offices and to share learning among country offices and with others beyond Save the Children. The toolkit provides guidance and a set of practical tools to help program staff and others strategically partner with champions for maximum impact. While working with champions is one of many tactics, it is an important one and critical for raising the profile of development issues and achieving specific policy and advocacy goals tied to programmatic work.


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