Video Clips from the 2010 Pacific Health Summit:

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2010 Pacific Health Summit video clips: See clips from key discussions at the 2010 Summit on maternal and newborn health on why industry should be fully engaged in this field and how new partnerships and collaborations can provide the tipping point for sustained progress. Also featured: special remarks from Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization. 

The following videos are available through the Pacific Health Summit website. Windows Media Player required for viewing. 

Opening Dinner – What Is At Risk? Setting the Stage for Why We Are Here

Session I – The State of the Field: What Are the Opportunities in Science, Implementation, and Policy?

Session II – Financing Our Way to Action: What Should We Be Funding, and How?

Session III – Delivering Results: How Can We Mobilize the Creativity of Business?

Plenary Lunch – Acknowledging the Context: How Do We Achieve Maximum Impact?

Plenary V – Turning Potential Into Reality

Working Breakfast – Technologies for MNH: Innovation, Creation, and Delivery

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