Why Should MNH Services Be More Responsive to the Needs of Adolescents and Their Newborns During Pregnancy, Birth and the Postpartum Period?

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This presentation was delivered at the first webinar in the series “Young, Vulnerable, and Unattended: Maternal and Newborn Health Services for Adolescents” on the 19th of October, 2021. The webinar series was hosted by Save the Children in partnership with youth-led organizations, WETEC and UYAFPAH and targeted policy makers, implementing organizations, adolescents, donor agencies, ministries of health and advocates. This webinar focused on why and how maternal and newborn health services should be more responsive to the needs of adolescents and their newborns with references to existing data and examples of challenges and successful strategies from Bangladesh and Kenya.

Go to the webinar series page to access the recording.

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