Addressing Critical Knowledge Gaps in Newborn Health


By David Oot on August 26, 2015

Since1990, and despite significant increases in the global population, the annual number of maternal and child deaths has dropped by nearly 50 per cent. The Unicef estimates that 100 million children under age five have been saved over the past two decades alone.

By Leith Greenslade on August 17, 2015

Amid the wave of activity for World Breastfeeding Week this year was the endorsement by 30 organizations (see below) of a Call to Action on a neglected area of breastfeeding support that is of particular benefit to the most vulnerable newborns: human milk banks.

By Kim Dickson on August 10, 2015
Every Newborn

The Every Newborn Action Plan was launched June 2014 following its endorsement by 194 member states at the 2014 World Health Assembly. Every Newborn is a roadmap to save 3 million lives of newborns, women and preventing stillbirths each year by investing in quality of care around the time of birth.

By Steve Wall on August 3, 2015

Breastfeeding is the world’s oldest and most established life-saving intervention for newborns and infants. Yet, health systems throughout the world too often fail to maximize opportunities to encourage and support mothers to successfully breastfeed.

By Dr. Jean Kalilani on July 27, 2015

Malawi will launch its Newborn Action Plan (ENAP) this week.