How Mbale Regional Hospital reduced newborn mortality from 52 to 11% in under 3 years

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Ms Barbara Auma (right) of Tororo would now be in her final two weeks of pregnancy but her baby came almost three months earlier, writes Kakaire Ayub Kirunda. Prior to her ‘delivery’ Barbara bled for two days and the attending doctor had already written off the viability of the pregnancy outcome, documenting it as an abortion. … Continued

Better data and health worker training may cut stillbirths: study

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Stillbirth, which is defined as a baby born without life at or after 28 weeks gestation, is one of the major problems facing the health sector across the world. It is estimated that about 26 lakh stillbirths occurred globally every year and India accounted for the largest proportion with 5.9 lakh cases. While the number … Continued

State Of Newborn In India

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By Aarti Dhar India contributes to one-fifth of global live births and more than a quarter of neonatal deaths. Nearly, 0.75 million neonates died in India in 2013, the highest for any country in the world. The current Neonatal Mortality Rate is 28 per 1000 live births. Given the infant and under-five child mortality rates of … Continued

Health facilities struggle to implement ‘kangaroo care’

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Reuters Health – Making sure mothers have skin-to-skin contact with newborns is known to benefit babies, especially premature infants, but the practice is slow to catch on in healthcare facilities, researchers say. Known as “Kangaroo Mother Care,” or skin-to-skin, this simple strategy can reduce newborn deaths and sickness, but hospitals often struggle to implement it … Continued

Breast-Feeding May Lower Risk of Endometriosis

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By NICHOLAS BAKALAR Breast-feeding is linked to a reduced risk for endometriosis, a new study reports. Endometriosis — the growth of uterine tissue outside the uterus — can cause severe pain and excessive bleeding during menstruation, among other problems. It is a chronic disorder with an unknown cause. Researchers studied 72,394 women who had had one … Continued

The low-cost device saving newborns in India

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Birth asphyxia – lack of oxygen – is the cause of 20% of newborn deaths in India. A simple piece of equipment is helping revive babies and prevent long-term damage Farzana Qureshi’s happiness over a smooth and uncomplicated pregnancy ended abruptly the day she went into labour. Tired by the end of eight hours of … Continued

Acting on the call (AOTC) 2017 Summit kicks off in Addis Ababa: “Let’s make the world a better place for mothers and children”

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Addis Ababa, 24th August, 2017: The 4th Acting On The Call (AOTC) conference started on the 24th August 2017 at the African Union, Addis Ababa Ethiopia with a theme “Overcoming Critical Barriers to Maternal and Child Survival”. The AOTC conference which is hosted by the governments of Ethiopia and India gathered more than 500 participants from … Continued

Fifteen Innovators Get Funding from Saving Lives at Birth

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International Partnership Invests $7.3 Million to Accelerate Innovations that Prevent Maternal, Newborn Deaths and Stillbirth in the Hardest-to-Reach Regions of the World WASHINGTON, DC – After a rigorous review process and competition, 15 of the world’s most promising ideas to save lives at birth in developing countries have edged out over 550 other applicants, securing millions … Continued

Uganda’s boda boda babies: Indian-made motorcycle taxis have come to the rescue of pregnant women

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With ambulance coverage poor, boda boda drivers ferry women to health facilities, even deliver their babies. Kamukama Benic is not a doctor, or even a paramedic. But has considerable experience helping women deliver babies in the eastern Uganda region where he lives and works. Benic drives a boda boda – the East African term for … Continued

India grants Pfizer patent on pneumonia vaccine in blow to aid group

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MUMBAI (Reuters) – India has granted Pfizer Inc a patent for its powerful pneumonia vaccine Prevenar 13, in a blow to some health groups that said this would put the treatment out of reach of thousands in poorer nations. The decision by India’s patent office bars other companies from making cheaper copies of the vaccine … Continued