The Healthy Newborn Network (HNN) is an online community dedicated to addressing critical knowledge gaps in newborn health.

Of the estimated 2.3 million newborn deaths in 2021, almost 75 percent died in the first week of life. In 2019, almost a million newborn deaths occurred on the first day of life.

An additional estimated 1.9 million stillbirths occur annually. The majority of deaths and stillbirths occur in low-resource settings, and most are preventable with proven and effective interventions. Approximately 75 percent of neonatal deaths result from preventable and treatable conditions: preterm birth, infections, and complications during childbirth.

HNN brings together partner organizations and individuals working in newborn health to share key resources, data, experiences, and lessons and helps increase global commitment to the advancement of newborn health. It also provides a platform for stakeholders to engage in discussions and working group activities on the vast range of newborn and maternal health topics.


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