Addressing Critical Knowledge Gaps in Newborn Health

CORE Group: Advancing Community Health Worldwide

CORE Group: Advancing Community Health Worldwide


Most health care happens in the home, throughout the course of every day, six billion times over. It happens when a mother washes her hands before cooking dinner. When a community comes together to rush an endangered delivering mother to the hospital. When a father coaxes his sick toddler into drinking a homemade rehydration mix of water, sugar, and salt. When a couple decides to wait three years before having another child. When a community health worker gives life-saving antibiotics to a baby under a tree. These are all scenes of an empowered community. Most don't take place in a clinic or a doctor's office, but their cumulative effect on the health of women and children is far greater than even a hospital can achieve.

Watch the following two short videos and learn how CORE Group makes a difference by connecting people, ideas, and best practices to advance community health around the world.



Visit CORE Group's website to learn more about the community health approach.

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Dear Core Group,

You are doing a great job out there!!!

Please, can i have a printed or hard copy of some of your books to help educate people in Cameroon?