International Stillbirth Alliance’s 11th annual global conference on perinatal mortality and bereavement support

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Annual Conference on perinatal mortality & bereavement care

ISA 2019 Madrid is the International Stillbirth Alliance’s 11th annual conference and one of the most important event of the year for a global community of scientists, mothers / fathers and health professionals who work continuously to reduce the 2.6 million intrauterine deaths and the 2.7 million neonatal deaths occurring globally each year.


3rd & 4th October 2019 (pre-conference workshops)

5th-6th October 2019 (main conference event)


Madrid, Spain


The conference is unique in the sense that it bring professionals and non professionals together to talk about the prevention of perinatal death and bereavement care for families that experience the death of their baby before, during or after birth.

The conference addresses the most innovative research and clinical practices that focus on improving the quality of clinical and psychosocial care of families whose baby dies and the professional life and wellbeing of the health professionals that accompany the families.

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As the only conference with a focus on global stillbirth and neonatal death prevention, it is one of the most important events of the year for our community of bereaved parents, health professionals, researchers and policy-makers from all over the world. It is our aim to reach as many individuals as possible, including those from low- and middle-income countries and all those who are unable to travel to Madrid in person, which is why, for the first time, we will be streaming the conference. Online delegates from low and middle income countries will have special discounted prices.

Past ISA conferences have been held in countries such as Ireland, Norway, Vietnam, Uruguay and Canada and the 2019 event in Spain will provide an innovative programme with over 30 hours of high quality content and more than 115 presentations on themes such as perinatal bereavement, understanding parents’ care and support needs, clinical care, risk factors, prevention strategies, investigation and audit of perinatal death, the role and quality of healthcare systems, care of health professionals, and other topics.

Confirmed speakers include Prof. Alexander Heazell (Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre; University of Manchester), Dr. Jane Warland (University of South Australia), Dr. Francesc Figueras (Hospital Clinic (Barcelona); University of Barcelona), Sue Steen (Maple Grove Hospital, Minnesota), Claire Storey (International Stillbirth Alliance), Dr. Marta Cohen (Sheffield Children’s Hospital; University of Sheffield), Dr. Robert Silver (University of Utah), Dr. Vicki Flenady (Mater Institute; Australian National Health and Medical Research Council), Dr. Jap Jaap Erwich (University Medical Center Groningen) and Dr. Katherine Gold (University of Michigan).

Online delegates from low and middle income countries can access a special discounted price and will have access to: (1) all plenary and keynote sessions; (2) attendance at at least 75% of breakout sessions; (3) two language channels (English/Spanish); (4) an online welcome pack and programme; (5) the option of presenting abstracts for digital poster presentation; and (6) CME/academic credits.