How do we monitor and measure progress?

Access to timely, consistent, and accurate data is critical to achieving our goal of creating a world where all newborns have the same opportunities to grow and thrive.

Good data enables policy makers and implementers to track program success, enact appropriate policy changes, plan activities, and generally make informed decisions. On the monitoring & evaluation page, we provide links to recommended indicators and tools for collecting data on maternal and newborn health. In addition, we have a page on mortality audit, an important process for improving health care practice and outcomes. Featured below are also links to information on newborn health epidemiology and global, regional, and county data for key neonatal health indicators. In addition, our data visualization tool allows you to generate your own tables and graphs for quick analysis.

Monitoring and evaluation

Learn why employing standard neonatal indicators to collect data across time and regions matters. In addition, view some of the most recent and best measuring tools for neonatal health.

Mortality audit

Find out why collection and analysis of information about the circumstances surrounding each stillbirth and neonatal death is essential for improving care and preventing future deaths.


Information on the number, timing, and causes of stillbirth and neonatal death, as well as the care received by each mother and baby, is crucial for planning and delivering high quality health services. .

Newborn numbers

Each year, 2.4 million newborns die around the world largely from preventable and treatable causes. Access and explore global and country newborn health related statistics through the data visualization tool.