Nicole Thiele

Nicole Thiele is Director of Public Affairs and Member of the Executive Board of the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI). In 2011, Nicole co-edited Caring for Tomorrow – the EFCNI White Paper for Maternal and Newborn Health and Aftercare Services, which highlights some of the key concerns with regard to the situation of preterm infants and their families in Europe, and gives key recommendations for improved pre-conceptional, maternal and newborn care and aftercare. At EFCNI, her responsibilities are to facilitate and promote pre-conceptional, maternal and newborn health as well as aftercare services, and enhancing the collaboration between patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. With her family experiencing the consequences of an extremely preterm birth about 40 years ago, she is also personally engaged to drive forward the prevention of prematurity and especially the philosophy of family centred care and parents empowerment, crucial contributors to give a baby the basic human right for a best possible start in life. Nicole holds a master degree in Management and Business Administration and worked in different positions within multi-national companies before joining EFCNI.