Pratik Panchal

Pratik Panchal is a physician and a translational researcher with 10 years of progressive research experience in India and South Africa, with expertise in microbiome research and child health. He currently serves as a clinical research scientist at OpenBiome, a gut microbiome research organization, and a public stool bank. As a translational researcher, Pratik applies his expertise in epidemiology and microbial genomics at OpenBiome to characterize the role of the ecosystem of bacteria in the gut in various diseases. Further, his contribution to the emerging space of the gut microbiome was recently cited by Wired Magazine, highlighting his work towards the rapidly increasing access to fecal microbiota transplant for both adult and pediatric patients in the United States. At the T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Pratik's research leveraged on big data analytics for health systems modeling to address inefficiencies in maternal and child health service delivery in low and middle-income countries. Previously a post-doctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School, Pratik ’s research in neonatal health was recently recognized by the Healthy Newborn Network on World Prematurity Day, by referencing his key publication on identifying preterm births. Pursuing his passion for healthcare technology, Pratik also developed a visual icterometer in collaboration with the Global Newborn Health Lab at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital which bridges the gap in the management of neonatal jaundice between rural health clinics and community health workers.