Nepal Public Health Association

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Nepal Public Health Association (NePHA) is the network organization of the public health professionals of Nepal established in 1990. NePHA registered as none for profit making organization and has one central office in Kathmandu and 4 regional offices in the regional headquarter of Nepal. It has about over 500 members across the country and regularly organizing research activities, policy debates, education development and interactive meetings with public health professional involved in governmental, non-governmental and academic institutions. NePHA envisions organizing and building networking among the public health professionals creating enabling policy environment for development of competent and motivated public health professionals so that they could efficiently contribute the national health systems development which would to help improve the health status of the people of Nepal. NePHA intends to facilitate for delivering an affordable and accessible quality health care effectively for the total population in the country; to safe guard and promote the profession of the public health graduates; to support for the development of the public health professionals
in the technical and psychological aspects so that they can deliver people oriented and quality health care services and to develop network with the national and international research, academic and public health institutions.

Over the period of 18 years, it has been involved in providing inputs to the government and non-government sectors on various events for improving the health system development in the country. NePHA conducted various researches and identified the problems and needs of the public health professionals and is being conducting advocacy programs to bridge the research finding into the
policy health policy development. Association is also involved in the community health development programs to help people understand their rights and responsibilities reflected in the constitution, health policy and the strategies. At the national level, NePHA holds the membership in high level
health technical comities i.e. member of Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) of global fund, high level health policy adviser committee.