Kidasha: Annual Review 2013/2014

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Each year, nearly 35,000 Nepali children die before their fifth birthday, with almost two-thirds of these deaths occurring in the first month of life. We have mobilised and now facilitate over 600 Women’s and Pregnant Women’s Groups, which are helping reduce child and maternal mortality by giving women the knowledge and access to services they need.

Furthermore, participation in these groups has empowered women within their families and communities. As a result, women are increasingly involved in local decision-making which is helping to improve the provision of maternal, newborn and child health services. In addition, these groups have established self-managed emergency loan funds and one village has independently established a new birthing centre.

Key achievements

  • 6541 women participated in Women’s Groups
  • 30% increase in the number of women who delivered their babies at a health institution
  • 9000 were children screened for malnutrition
  • 74% of newborns were examined by a health worker
  • 5 birthing centres were equipped with improved facilities for newborn care

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