Missing Midwives

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“This report from Save the Children clearly demonstrates that midwives are critical to saving the lives of mothers and newborn babies. Filling the global shortage of 350,000 midwives must be a global priority if we are to reduce the terrible rates of maternal and child mortality in the world’s poorest countries.”

“Missing Midwives highlights the important role that the midwife plays within the wider health system, and lays out a range of solutions to recruit, train, support and deploy more midwives to the places where they are needed most. Save the Children tells us exactly what needs to happen both in developing countries and in terms of global political action. These recommendations cannot be ignored.

“Missing Midwives is essential reading for anyone concerned with reducing the burden of maternal and newborn deaths.”

Dr Tony Falconer
President, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

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