Nepal: One Heart Worldwide Annual Report 2018

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In 2018, the Nepali government was restructured to place more resources in the hands of rural communities. Though not without a learning curve, the restructuring gave the local communities themselves a greater level of autonomy in deciding the best ways to prioritize their own local maternal and newborn health needs, and the most appropriate solutions for each community

The One Heart Worldwide 2018 Report emphasizes their work adapting to new challenges with program highlights, stories from the field, and what the path forward for the remainder of 2019 looks like as they strive to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality. Further information about where they worked in 2018, their Board of Directors and their partners can be found as well.

Since its inception in 2010, One Heart Worldwide has reached 15 districts across Nepal with:

  • 8,291 local stakeholders trained
  • 13,251 community outreach providers trained
  • 276 skilled birth attendants trained
  • 1,032 medical providers equipped with Continuing Medical Education
  • 345 birthing centers upgraded
  • 147,642 Pregnancies reached

Learn more about these and other achievements by One Heart Worldwide, and the progress made in extending essential maternal and newborn healthcare services in rural Nepal.

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