Newborn care charts: management of sick and small newborns in hospital

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Each year in South Africa, 20,000 newborns die, most from preventable causes. Most births and most newborn deaths occur in hospitals. Improving the quality and timeliness of care is a critical step to save these lives.

Since 2003 the Limpopo Initiative for Newborn Care (LINC) has advanced the quality of care of newborns in district and regional hospitals in the Limpopo province. LINC is a joint venture between the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health in Polokwane and the provincial Maternal, Child and Women’s Health directorate.

These Newborn Care Charts for Management of Sick and Small Newborns in Hospital are designed to be used by doctors and nurses at the district and regional hospital level and provide a ready reference for assessment, classification, and treatment of sick and small newborns as well as an overview of routine care that should be provided to all newborns.

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