Parenting in a War Zone: Children dying in their first days (Yemen)

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A country ravaged by the effects of ongoing war, Yemen finds every aspect of its civil society stretched beyond their limits and essential public services are on the bring of total collapse. The first to feel the effects are, invariably, the nation’s most vulnerable – including newborn children.

Regular access to skilled attendance during pregnancy and at birth is extremely curtailed due to the conflict. Even if mothers reach referral facilities with functional maternity wards, there is no guarantee that care will be found. Health providers report that there are not enough staff, resources or equipment such as incubators. Pregnant women and new mothers with babies have to share beds, and infection control is poor.

It is within the harsh context of today’s Yemen that access to antenatal care and skilled attendance at birth is declining as the war goes on, putting the lives of many mothers and babies in grave danger. A significant proportion of maternal, newborn, and child deaths are in zones of conflict and displacement.

Yasmin tells her story in this Parenting in a War Zone series feature.

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