JamboMama!: New Health Mobile App for Tanzanian Women

Have you heard of JamboMama!? It is an innovative solution that helps save the lives of expectant mothers who live far from health facilities that can deal with gynaecological obstetric emergencies.

JamboMama! is an interactive mobile application that connects pregnant women living with the mother and child healthcare services. It organises pregnancy surveillance, gives alerts when it is time for an antenatal check-up, and asks questions and updates of vital data that enable the detection and prevention of vital risks for mother and child, thus avoiding untimely tiresome, expensive and dangerous trips to the health facility.

JamboMama! is a project created by SAHFA, Smart Access To Health for All, a non-profit association. SAHFA’s mission is to improve access to healthcare and other basic services to all by means of especially designed mobile digital technology based tools. By reducing the risk of pregnancy and childbirth complications, JamboMama! will help reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.

In 2017 the application will be tested on one, preferably up to three sites in West Tanzania. Once tried out and modified according to reported needs, the app will be scaled up and rolled out further.

The main beneficiaries are:

  • Pregnant women in rural areas of developing countries who live far from adequate healthcare services. Their pregnancy properly monitored, they’ll be safer, more confident and empowered with relevant information and advice, and able to manage their health needs during pregnancy better.
  • Their unborn child, as a great number of stillbirths and birth defects will be avoided while the newborn will have a live mother to care for him.
  • The baby’s siblings, who can be nurtured by their own mother, who survived childbirth.

Want to know more? Visit www.sahfa.org


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