My #BornTooSoon Story – Zeek

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Rochelle’s miracle journey started 7 September 2022 when her son, Zeek, was born at 29 weeks at CLINIC in South Africa. “I didn’t even know what premature was. My other two children were term so I had no idea what I was in for.” Rochelle stayed with Zeek at Mowbary Maternity Hospital for almost 2 months. Zeek was a sick and needed extra care including antibiotics and Kangaroo Mother Care. “Zeek was a very very sick baby he needed so many antibiotics, one of the doctors in comforting me during this time said ‘it’s a rollercoaster, I must hang on’, and I held on to these words. I prayed over Zeek and over all the doctors helping Zeek.”

The healthcare staff helped Rochelle to care for Zeek herself, burping, feeding and monitoring him. “I felt so empowered I felt like a nurse.” She also felt that the healthcare staff kept her informed on his condition and involved in his care. “The doctors answered all my questions, of which there were many. There was a time I didn’t have milk and Dr Max told me about donor milk, it was a life-saver for Zeek.”

Rochelle felt loved and supported during Zeek’s time in hospital. “I am so grateful to Mowbray for giving myself and Zeek so much love and support, I now consider them to be family.”

When Zeek was finally discharged, he had grown to be the biggest baby in Kangaroo Mother Ward. The transition home was difficult. Rochelle says “I was nervous but held onto the advice I received. “To others who are going through the experience having baby born too soon, her advice is “keep a positive mindset, keep your head up, trust the process and trust in God.”


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