SNL Legacy e-Talks

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Saving Newborn Lives (SNL) 20th anniversary will be marked with a series of e-Talks to celebrate global accomplishments and cover key technical, programmatic, advocacy and policy topics, along with discussions on the continued importance of newborn and perinatal health in times of crisis.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from Sep 29 – Oct 15, experts and global leaders will join the Saving Newborn Lives Legacy e-Talks one-hour sessions (two sessions per day, twice a week over three weeks) to present the groundbreaking work done in the last two decades, while also sharing implementation challenges, learnings and views about the way forward to further strengthen newborn health and survival.

Partners, collaborators, researchers, government officials and implementers, as well as advocates and civil society representatives, including parent organizations, will have a unique chance to interact with peers in this critical network, strengthening the knowledge base to realize a common vision for newborn and perinatal health and quality of care in the next decade.

More specifically the e-Talks will:

  • Highlight newborn health achievements, linking these to global progress and milestones.
  • Disseminate new knowledge and lessons learned in newborn health.
  • Focus on learning from country implementation research, experiences and innovations.
  • Emphasize a common vision for the unfinished newborn health agenda.


Saving Newborn Lives Legacy e-Talks


Every Tuesday and Thursday from September 29 – October 15, 2020 (12pm-2pm GMT/8am-10am ET)


Confirmed panelists so far include: David Oot, Tedbabe Degefie, Rajiv Bahl, Gary Darmstadt, Neal Brandes, Ajay Khera, Peter Waiswa, Joy Lawn, Allisyn Moran, Tanya Guenther, Lynne Franco, Steve Hodgins, Kondwani Chavula, Uzma Syed, Deb Sitrin, Mohammad Shahidullah, Dr. Afsana Karim, Tesfaye Hailu, Dr. Abeba Bekele, Ashish KC, Mary Kinney, Gedesi Banda, Adhish Dhungana, Shamim Qazi, Abdullah Baqui, Susan Niermeyer , Dr. Pradhan, Hannah Blencowe Ornella Lincetto, Queen Dube, Bertha Pooley, Hema Magge, Steve Wall, Winifride Mwebesa, Elaine Scudder, Zulfiqar Bhutta, Goldy Mazia and Neena Khadka.


SNL Legacy e-Talks Full Agenda

Registration, Presentations and Recordings:

Day 1: History and lessons learned

Day 1 Recording

David Oot: Keynote Address Presentation

Panelist: Bertha Pooley Presentation

Panelist: Gary Darmstadt Presentation

Day 2: Counting newborns – history and progress

Day 2 Recording

Joy Lawn Presentation: Counting change – Newborn measurement – Past, present and future

Allisyn Moran Presentation: Counting newborns and stillbirths – history and progress

Kondwani Chavula Presentation: Measuring strength of implementation and effective coverage of Kangaroo Mother Care intervention in Malawi

Lynne Franco Presentation: The Pathway to High Effective Coverage at Scale​ – A framework for program strategy, monitoring, and evaluation 

Sangita Khatri & Stephen Hodgins Presentation: CHX Coverage in Nepal

Day 3: SNL country learning about effective coverage and sustainability

Day 3 Recording

Mary Kinney Presentation: Quality Improvement for Maternal and Newborn Health in Malawi & Uganda

Mohammod Shahidullah & Afsana ​Karim Presentation: Bangladesh Case Study

Adhish Dhungana Presentation: Private Sector Engagement in Nepal

Tesfaye Hailu & Abeba Bekele Presentation: Saving Newborn Lives in Ethiopia

Gedesi Banda Presentation: A Baby is a Gift Campaign

Day 4: Preventable infections and community outreach

Day 4 Recording

Shamim Qazi Presentation: PSBI History Of Evidence Policy Implementation Learning

Abdullah Baqui Presentation: Key Lessons From Community Based Approaches To Newborn Health

Neena Khadka Presentation: Postnatal Care Program Experience and Innovative Learning

Stephen Hodgins Presentation: Chlorhexidine application to the umbilical cord stump

Day 5: Complications around the time of birth – Intrapartum and Preterm

Day 5 Recording

Susan Niermeyer Presentation: Helping Babies Breathe…and Survive…and Thrive

Hannah Blencowe Presentation: Stillbirths

Ornella Lincetto Presentation: Quality of care for small and sick newborns

Ashish KC Presentation: QI interventions and strategies for neonatal resuscitation

Queen Dube Presentation: Scaling up facility initiated KMC in Malawi

Arti Maria Presentation: Genesis & Journey of Family Participatory Care in India

Day 6: State of the Word’s Newborns and meeting the SDG targets by 2030

Day 6 Recording

Zulfiqar Bhutta Presentation: Newborn Survival & Health: from Global to Local

Steve Wall Presentation: SNL Directors

Hema Magge Presentation: The Unfinished Agenda in Newborn Health

Luwei Pearson Presentation: ENAP Milestones

Elaine Scudder Presentation: Unfinished Agenda: Equity Gaps

Winifride Mwebesa Presentation: Save the Children Expanded Newborn Health & Impact