Podcast -How kangaroo care is saving premature babies

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“Premature babies often need a lot of expensive specialised care – but that isn’t always available. So, doctors in Colombia are teaching mothers to look after their babies in a similar way that kangaroos look after their own young. It’s called “kangaroo mother care” and instead of being in an incubator, babies are wrapped tightly against their mother’s skin. The technique was developed in Bogota in the late 1970s as a response to overcrowding in hospital maternity units. There weren’t enough incubators and around 70% of premature babies didn’t survive. Doctors started using this simple skin-to-skin method. They found it wasn’t only saving babies but was also helping them to thrive. Now, kangaroo care has spread around the world.”


Presenter: Myra Anubi
Reporter: Zoe Gelber
Series producer: Tom Colls
Sound mix: Hal Haines
Editor: Richard Vadon
Email: peoplefixingtheworld@bbc.co.uk
Image: A baby in the kangaroo position

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