My #BornTooSoon Story – Ainsley Toto

This story is part of the My #BornTooSoon Stories Blog Series, you can read the rest of the blogs here. It was originally published here.  (more…)

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Ms. Annes Mboya and her colleagues providing breastfeeding counseling to a mother, Kakuma Refugee Camp

“We end up losing babies for reasons we can easily prevent.”

Insights from Annes Mboya, nurse-midwife at Kakuma Refugee Camp By Annes Mboya, Nurse-Midwife, IRC; Andrea Edman, Advocacy & Communications Specialist, IAWG Newborn Initiative When a woman comes to the hospital walking, they should go home walking. If they came to the hospital with a baby in their tummy that was...

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Virtual Capacity Building for Quality Improvement Teams & Coaches – A key step towards institutionalization of quality of care efforts at national, subnational and health facility level

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the availability of essential health services - especially services for pregnant women, newborns and children - that cannot be delayed or shifted to other settings. In many lower middle-income countries, maternal and child mortality remain high, and hard-won gains could falter without continued attention. Practitioners...

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