Ms. Annes Mboya and her colleagues providing breastfeeding counseling to a mother, Kakuma Refugee Camp

“We end up losing babies for reasons we can easily prevent.”

Insights from Annes Mboya, nurse-midwife at Kakuma Refugee Camp By Annes Mboya, Nurse-Midwife, IRC; Andrea Edman, Advocacy & Communications Specialist, IAWG Newborn Initiative When a woman comes to the hospital walking, they should go home walking. If they came to the hospital with a baby in their tummy that was...

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Why is it important to invest in midwives?

Today is International Day of the Midwife (IDM). It is a day to celebrate and to reflect on the impact midwives and midwifery can make on reducing maternal and newborn mortality, morbidity, stillbirths and on improving quality care for women and newborns. It is also a time to consider how...

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Year of the Midwife

This article was originally published by Sage Journals.  The World Health Organization assigned 2020 as the year of the midwife. Midwifery is a commonly misunderstood profession. A frequent view of midwives is that they assist childbirth; even though it is a part of their role, professional midwives are skilled in...

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